Best money I ever spent! I was VERY hairy, very pale skin, very dark hair, thick, curly, coarse. I paid for 6 sessions but only needed 5. I am left with very, very few hairs which are fair and thin and I only shave my legs in the summer every couple of weeks and only because the fine hairs get very long. I did full legs, bikini, tummy. Hairs have not come back. My skin looks amazing, no more ingrown hairs or spots from waxing.

Tammy Stephens

I've had 2 sessions on my bikini line of ipl laser hair removal & it was fab. I have pale skin & dark hair so am well-suited to it but after those 2 treatments, almost all the hair is gone. I could do with a couple more - I think they recommend 6 - but am thrilled with what has been done so far. When funds allow, I will have another session or 2. It's not painful but does feel a bit odd.

Greta Adugosi

I was so surprised with how quick & pain free my laser treatment was, the staff made the process relaxing and enjoyable from the minute I walked in the door.

Davina Cheng

I would like to say thank you for such a great treatment. I have now finished my course of laser treatments and the results have been great. I had almost given up hope of ever being clear of those horrible spots. Thank you helping me with what has been a problem for years until I found out about laser acne treatment.

Nick Hughes

A good clinic offering the latest treatments in a welcoming and friendly environment. They have looked after me very well. I have always felt that they were interested in me and my unique concerns and although I have had specific treatments suggested alongside products to use at home, I have never been pushed to buy, rather had the choice to decide what ‘fits’ me and my circumstances. They has done wonders for my skin in these last few months. I look forward greatly to my regular treatments with her and I am so pleased with the results!

Maisy Yang

Skin consultation review- I was totally put at ease and reassured during my appointment. I was given a lot of information and any questions were answered thoroughly. There was empathy as well as professionalism. Very impressed.

Mandy Bridges