Very pleased with the service provided by the clinic and would highly recommend. Very helpful and informative throughout the whole process.

Lee Dover

I have now had several tattoos treated and I am hugely pleased with the results. Don't hesitate it works i'm proof!

John Henry

I had 3 tattoos removed with excellent results. Like they were never there! 2 tattoos on my arms are completely gone. Groin tattoo removal is still in progress due to it being a sensitive area and I wanted to give more time between treatments. Arms took 5 treatments. Discomfort from laser not bad, nothing like getting the tattoo. Treatments on all areas only took few minutes in total.

Suellen Barts

Laser Treatments are removing a medium size black tattoo on my back. It hurts a bit but each session only takes a few minutes so at least its over quickly. After each treatment I’m back in the gym in a couple of days! The first session I saw quite a lot of ink gone. I had my second session 4 weeks later and there was more ink gone again. The shaded areas of the tattoo have faded more than 50% but the outline is still a bit darker. I expect to have another 6 treatments every 4 weeks.

Annabel sawyers

I have suffered from moderate to bad acne for what seems like forever – all though school and into my thirties. As a result I had no self esteem and no social life. I tried all the leading brands of creams and potions available at the chemist. Despite following all the instructions and smelling of chemicals, nothing helped. The zits kept on coming. That all changed since having a course of acne laser treatments last year. I’m delighted to say I am no longer covered in zits and my skin looks great if I say so myself. Your laser treatment seems to have zapped them in their tracks I must say. The results are with fantastic – so I’m off out to a party now…

Adam Price

I have been having regular treatment for thread veins, I am very satisfied with the treatment I have been having, the results have been fantastic and I have gained my confidence back. THANK YOU!

Ruth Barnes