Hair Extensions

Whether its adding extra volume, length, or even trendy bangs, hair extensions are a great way to rock different styles, without having to commit to a certain look for too long. The good news: you don't have to be Beyoncé to have hair like a boss.

Hair extensions are also known as hair integrations. They are used to add to the length and volume of one’s hair. They can be made of natural or synthetic hair. Virgin natural hair extensions are the best quality (and the most expensive, of course) as the cuticle of the natural hair is preserved and all the hair runs in one direction, giving it the most natural look. If you are tight on your budget, synthetic hair extensions are a cheaper option. Though they are not great for heat styling and tangle quite easily, synthetic extensions are good for anyone who wants a temporary change in style. They also do not require as much maintenance on your part as natural hair extensions do.

Hair Extensions

When you feel like a change of hairstyle, but you can’t wait for your hair to grow, then hair extensions are an easy way to instantly add length and volume to your hair. These days, hair extensions are being used by everyone, not just the celebrities; they are easy to use, affordable, and trust us, you really can’t see the join! In fact, that girl with the beautiful, long, flowing locks that you were admiring yesterday could well have been using hair extensions.

What can you expect upon booking with London Body Centre?

How Does it Work?

You want a confidence boost? Longer, fuller, shinier locks are a sign of youth. As we age, our hair thins (though some are more genetically prone to this than others). Similar to a great blowout or a killer pair of shoes, hair extensions can give you a little pep in your step.

You want to change up your look? Bored with your strands? Extensions allow you to experiment with colour without bleaching your hair.

You want to grow out a bob? If you have a short cut that you're desperate to grow out, extensions will instantly add length and ease your frustration.

What Happens During Treatment ?

Before the Hair Extensions are fitted

Please ensure to thoroughly wash and cleanse your hair before coming for your fitting, it is advisable to use a clarifying shampoo to completely remove any styling products or residue remaining in your hair.

Try to come with your hair free from any styling products and straightened, this makes it clearer to see when applying the bonds.

To have hair extensions, your hair should be a minimum of 3-4 inches in length, just about long enough to put into a ponytail. Ideally, the longer your hair, the easier to integrate. However, shorter lengths can be done. All I really need is enough hair to be able to hold onto to add hair to, an inch and a half, but it will be harder to blend and grow out quicker. If your hair is too short, then going any longer than 16 inches may not be advisable. Email us a picture of your hair or come in for a consultation if you are unsure about anything regarding length.

We will need to arrange a consultation with you so we can colour match it perfectly, ensure to get a reasonable amount of hair ideally from the ends so I can get a more precise match to the overall colour of your hair.

During the Hair Extension Treatment

We offer a full service and all our hair extensions prices include cutting and styling.

What results can I expect to see?

Instantly long and luscious locks.

Facts You Need to Know

Pro’s of Hair Extensions

*Those who do not have good hair growth can go for these to add extra length to their hair

*It can be used to get a new look like a fringe or a particular cut

*Add some bounce to your regular hair

*Add some colour in your hair without using chemical colours

Hair Extensions FAQ

Hair extensions will not damage your hair. However, hair with hair extensions requires more care than usual. We recommend daily care, along with a little extra care on a weekly basis. We also recommend that you thoroughly inspect your attachments every five to seven weeks, both in order to enable you to enjoy your long hair as long as possible, but also to avoid tangled attachments and unnecessary wear on both the extensions and your natural hair. We recommend products that contain a large amount of moisture and nutrition, which hair extensions are particularly in need of, and especially if you live in a dry climate.   It is also important that you attach and remove your hair extensions properly. By following our instructions and using the recommended attachment and removal products, you minimize the risk of unnecessary wear on your hair.

To make sure your natural hair and your extensions maintain their qualities it is important to add both nutrition and moisture. Because hair extensions do not have their own follicles and always lie slightly away from the scalp, they do not share the same natural oils as your natural hair. This makes them even more dependent on added moisture and oils to keep from getting dry and coarse.

Using a hair mask 1-2 times a week is also a great way to give your hair that extra moisture boost. The hair mask, however, does not replace the effect of your conditioner, so always end with conditioner.

Choosing a colour for your hair extensions can seem like a challenge. You may be unsure what colour your natural hair really is, or you might be wondering what coloursuits you best. At London Body Centre we've tried to make the choice as easy as possible for you. We offer a large selection of different colours, lengths and qualities. It features all of our colours, labelled and easy to remove to compare to your hair. Depending on your natural shade, sometimes you may need a few different colours and shades to get as natural a result as possible. This is also an option if you want to achieve colour effects like highlights.

Choosing the right method might sometimes seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Before you attach your hair extensions, however, it may be a good idea to think about what your everyday life looks and what the purpose of your hair extensions is. At London Body Centre we offer a number ofmethods, so you can choose the one that suits you best in your everyday life.

Do you want a going-out look, something different for a few weeks' time, or maybe something permanent? Do you exercise a lot, do you wear scarves or hats? Depending on the look of your natural hair, we also recommend different methods and hair qualities. Do you have thin hair, fine hair, coarse hair, thick hair? Yes, the list can be long, but keep in mind that the most important thing is not to answer all the questions, the important thing is that you feel comfortable with your hair extensions, and by considering the choice of method and quality, you can find the right method for you.

Hair can come from all over the world. I particularly buy Indian, European, and Brazilian hair. I find these hair types to be the strongest and most durable for the use of long lasting healthy human extensions.

Tape- In

If you’re looking for hair extensions that can easily be put on in a couple of hours, tape-in extensions are what you need. These extensions come in wefts that could be anywhere between 1.5 and 8 inches long. Each weft comes with either double or single-sided polyurethane tape tabs cut to fit its size. Your hair is essentially sandwiched and stuck between these extensions.

How Long Does It Take To Attach?

60-90 mins

How Long Does It Stay In?

4-6 Weeks


With an application time of less than 90 minutes, this is the fastest method of applying hair extensions

Easy to apply as no heat or other tools are required

Minimal damage to hair as there’s no application of heat required

Reduces the strain on your head as the extensions are spread over a large area of your head

Lend a natural look to your tresses as they lay flat against your head

The extensions can be reused for 6-8 weeks after being removed with solvent and reapplied with the help of more double-sided tape


The adhesive on the tape needs to cure for 24-48 hours, so you cannot wash your hair or undertake any strenuous activities that can cause you to sweat

You cannot apply any silicone based product or oil to your hair as they may cause the extensions to slip down

Not recommended for swimmers for aforementioned reason

Hair cannot be comfortably tied up when these extensions are in.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Micro ring hair extensions come in the form of small bundles of hair that are looped through small sections of your natural hair. The extension is then secured by a metal bead clamped around it with the help of a pair of pliers. A more convenient version of these extensions are the micro loop extensions that come attached with a loop and bead beforehand. Hence, they do not require a loop tool for attachment.

How Long Does It Take To Attach?

4-5 hours

How Long Does It Stay In?

2-3 Months


Do not require heat or glue for attachment, hence reducing damage to hair

The extensions can be uncrimped and reused

You can slide the extensions up and down to adjust them the way you want

Blends seamlessly with your natural hair

Easy to wash


Not recommended for people with short or fine hair

Can cause discomfort and strain on your scalp

The clamping down of the extensions with the pliers can cause your natural hair to break

If not removed properly by a professional, it can damage your hair

Not possible to tie high ponytails

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

Now, hot fusion is a method that is pretty involved and requires a well-trained professional. The procedure itself starts off with a keratin U-tip bond that is lined with silicone to be attached to the extension. The extension is then bonded to the root of your hair with the help of a heating tool. The silicone lining basically protects your hair from heat damage.

How Long Does It Take To Attach?

6-8 hours

How Long Does It Stay In?

4-6 Months


The most durable method because, with proper maintenance, the extensions can stay in for about 6 months

Since the keratin dries clear, you can’t really see where the extensions have been attached

Blends perfectly with your natural hair


With an application time of 6-8 hours, this process is tiresome

The heat application required for attachment can damage your hair

Not reusable

You may experience headache, discomfort, or itching for a few days after application

You need to find highly-trained professionals to get this done because if it is not done properly, you could cause serious damage to your hair.

The best way to choose which type is most suitable for you will depend on your hair texture, natural curl pattern, and how you will most typically be styling it on a daily basis.

Indian Hair:

This hair is very durable and strong genetically. Most Indian Hair has not been damaged by colour, highlighting, and heat styling. Most Indian hair has a soft wave pattern while air drying, so it holds curl with a curling iron nicely, but will also flat iron or be blown out with relative ease. This hair is versatile for almost any hair type. Virgin Indian hair is naturally dark, but also lightens to lighter shades easily and healthy.

European Hair:

This hair has the tendency to be naturally straighter. European hair is shiny and finer in texture and would best be worn by similar hair textures that prefers more straight styling with a blow out or flat iron. This hair would not be suitable for use on ethnic or very curly hair textures.

Brazilian Hair:

This hair is of medium texture and can be found in very straight to very curly in wave pattern. This also makes this type very versatile, because a Caucasian blonde would be able to wear it with ease who normally uses a flat iron, as well as a courser or ethnic texture who prefers curls always will be able to blend it with ease. Brazilian hair naturally dark is healthy and shiny, but also colours into lighter shades effectively.

Installation will vary depending on the best-chosen method for you. a typical description is the following:

Seamless Tape:

This method is the fastest, about one hour to install. These will require a maintenance appointment every 6-8 week depending on how fast your natural hair grows out. During a maintenance, the extensions are removed which can take up to an hour, new adhesive is place on the extension, then it is reinstalled up closer to the scalp. The hair can be reused on average 6 months. Keritan tipped extensionsHot Fusion Keratin bonds:

This method can be installed on average between 3-4 hours. It is a piece by piece method where about 50 strands of hair that is tipped with keratin is melted and hardened to your own hair of about the same amount of strands so that the weight is evenly distributed to not cause tension on your own hair. the strands can be custom sized to accommodate whether you have fine, medium, or thick hair. This hair will need to be maintenanced in 6 months and can be reused a second time around. The hair is removed with a removal solution, a standard removal is about 3 hours, then the extensions are tipped with new keratin and reinstalled the initial way. micro loop extensions Micro-link, Micro-loop, or any similar tube connector

(also called i-tipped cold bonds):

This method the extension is applied to your hair with a small round cylindar that clamps the extension to your own hair. It is also the same size as hot fusion pieces and the same concept. This method needs a maintenance every 6-8 weeks, where the old cylindar is removed, a new one goes in its place and the extension is moved back up by the scalp. Average install time is about 3 hours as well as the maintenance appointments. With proper products and care this hair will also be able to be reused up to a year.

Brazilian String Extensions Brazilian string:

This method is the longest to install but comes with many benefits. There is only a pliable string used to attach the extension to your own hair. It has very long-lasting power for staying in, with no chemicals needed to be attached to your hair. The maintenance is every 3-4 months, removal is about an hour, the string gets snipped with a scissor, the extension slides out easily, then they are reinstalled the original way. This hair will also be able to be reused a year with proper products and care.

You will be able to wash, use products, curl, flatiron, and blow dry your extensions just like your own hair. I do not recommend colouring them yourself, as a strand test should always be done first by a professional to create the proper formula needed for your desired result. The extensions do not have the exact chemical makeup of your own hair, will react differently to colour, and could result in discoloration could occur if not properly chemically diagnosed.

As long as the proper install method is used according to your hair type and they are placed properly, they will not be visible to others. You should not be able to know that the extension is not your own hair. To some degree you will be able to feel something when you touch your scalp, but it is not painful to have in or will be visible to others. After wearing them for some time, they become a part of you and your daily routine and you won’t notice them anymore.

You will get what you pay for

With hair extensions, you really do get what you pay for. If you just want to try out a new style or wear extensions for a special occasion, then, synthetic hair will be the best and cheapest option. If you want to leave your extensions in for a long time and be able to treat them just as though they were your own hair, then you will need to pay the extra for real human hair extensions.

Keep them completely dry. You might probably be one of those people who love to shower at night before going to bed. ...

Free from any tangles. Brush your hair to free it from any tangles and knots as well as to remove product buildup during the day. ...

Braid your hair. ...

Turned under ponytail. ...

Use a silk pillow cover.

It's OK to go swimming, of course, but don't allow extensions to soak in water for too long and dry them as soon as you get out of the pool or ocean. Werecommend rough-drying the bonded areas every time they get wet to help extensions last longer. You can let the rest of the hair air-dry.

To stop your hair extensions from tangling at the root you should follow the aftercare advice provided by your technician, and stick to the following rules:

Never sleep with the extensions wet or damp.

Do not massage the scalp during washing, slowly stroke the shampoo into the hair.

Wear hair in a plait when sleeping.

Straightening hair extensions. You can use a flat iron to straighten your hair extensions, but you should use it at the lowest possible temperature. You should spray on a heat protection product before using your iron. ... While your own natural hair will have a certain amount of moisture, your hair extensions will not.

Brief Overview Of Your Treatment


Between 1 hour – 6 Hours depending on method.


None you are good to go immediately post treatment.


6 – 12 weeks .


Makes all your hair dreams come true!