NU Skin Galvanic Facial

A genuinely ground-breaking anti-ageing product, which can improve the appearance of your skin within minutes. Using Nu Skin’s revolutionary hand held galvanic spa and exclusive ageLoc gels to target the internal and visible signs of aging. Restores firmness and smoothness, reduces wrinkles and pores, and adds more life to your skin.

At the London Body Centre our facials help resuscitate dull, tired skin by improving the appearance of your skin tone, keeping your skin clean smooth and soft and providing protection from external damage. Our Galvanic Facial treatments also help keep skin healthy by feeding living cells and tissues with a healthy supply of blood helping skin resist infection.

Our skin is constantly renewing itself and as the years go by our skin becomes less efficient at this renewal process. This results in the ageing process which is accelerated by other components such as sun exposure, wind, chemicals and extreme temperatures. Our Anti-aging facials rejuvenate skin and leaves you feeling and looking years younger.

NU Skin Galvanic Facial

What we offer at London Body Centre

*Safe and effective solution to fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of facial ageing
*Treatments administered by our professional, highly qualified clinical practitioners
*We follow the strictest medical protocols
*Treatments carried out in a regulated, clinical and safe environment
*We use only safe, high grade laser equipment.
*Age Lock facials

What can you expect upon booking with London Body Centre?

How Does it Work?

Designed by scientists using latest developments in science and medical biotechnology. The facials rejuvenate the complexion, revitalise and refine skin tone using a galvanic spa. This is a smart and powerful system with self-adjusting galvanic currents and works synergistically with specially formulated products to transport key ingredients for optimal performance, giving you a radiant complexion by invigorating the skin by promoting cellular biotechnology.

What Happens During Treatment ?

The first step is to have a free consultation at our experienced and certified clinic. We will explain how the technology works and discuss the most effective program available for treating the sings of ageing on your face. You will be provided with a quote, and we will take information about your medical history.

Before NU Skin Galvanic Facial Treatment

We offer a free consultation and skin analysis with your initial appointment. Everyone’s skin is different, so our therapist will take great care to tailor your treatment to your needs. You will have a patch test to ensure we can produce the safest, most effective results for your skin type.
During the Pre-Treatment cycle the Galvanic instrument and the Pre-Treatment Gel are negatively charged and these negative charges repel each other, driving the ingredients into the skin.
The Pre-Treatment Gel binds to impurities deep in the skin. The Pre-Treatment Gels key ingredients are marigold, sea kelp and vanilla extracts to sooth and tone the skin.

During NU Skin Galvanic Facial Treatment

During the Treatment cycle the Galvanic instrument and the Treatment Gel are positively charged and these positive charges repel each other, driving beneficial ingredients into the skin
The positively charged instrument attracts the remaining negatively-charged impurities from the Pre-treat cycle, drawing them out of the skin – removing impurities and leaving skin radiant.

How Many Treatments Needed?

The benefits are amazing with visible results after just one treatment. We would recommend 3 treatments in the first week and then once a week thereafter. Our clients report the best results show after 8 treatments. Results are visible immediately after just one treatment – imagine the years you will take off your face after a few treatments. Our clients often say that at the London Body Centre we offer the best value for this incredible treatment.

Facts You Need to Know

Clinical Study:

A recent study has shown that after a Galvanic Spa Facial the skin is 70% more receptive to skin care ingredients for 24hours after the facial. What that means: That means that by combining powerful Ageloc Elements or Nu Skin Core System Products like Tru Face Essence Ultra, 180 Anti-Ageing System or Clear Action System after a Galvanic Spa Facial will result in quicker, more powerful results!

Galvanic Spa II with the new Spot Treatment head (included with every Galvanic Spa System purchase), works synergistically with Tru Face Line Corrector, helping to enhance the delivery of pro-collagen peptides.

These peptides help reduce the appearance of moderate to deep lines by sending age reversing signals to collagen-producing cells. The new spot treatment head allows you to better target specific areas of the face and gives an added boost to your existing anti-ageing treatment regimen.

As a one-off treatment your skin will be perfectly prepared for a special occasion makeup - but used regularly you will see results as the Nu Skin products 're-set' your YGCs into a more youthful pattern of activity, promoting a younger-looking appearance.

Key ingredients in the Treatment Gel include:

  • - Magnesium to promote cellular energy
  • - Arginine to promote recovery from daily stress
  • - Aspartate to naturally balance your skin’s pH
  • - Vitamin E to moisturise, condition and provide antioxidant protection

The two-step treatment begins with the gentle application of a pre-treatment gel containing marigold extract, vanilla extract and sea kelp to soothe and condition your skin as well as cleansing ingredients. The Galvanic currents push the product deep into the skin using a negative charge and the cleansers bind with toxins and impurities deep within your skin.

The second part of the treatment involves applying a second gel, with a positive charge, that extracts those impurities and simultaneously applies ageLOC products to rejuvenate your skin, promote cellular recovery and help your skin recover from stress and tiredness. A patented feature of the ageLOC Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System is its ability to adjust automatically to the thickness or thinness of your skin for optimum results, making sure the key ingredients are delivered where they are needed.

Following a treatment your skin will also be more receptive to anti-ageing products for up to 24 hours. Beneficial substances will be more readily absorbed by the skin, making it an ideal time to apply a product such as the Nu Skin Tru Face Line Corrector or the ageLOC Future Serum. The Tru Face Line Corrector has been the subject of rigorous scientific research and testing. The formula contains pro-collagen peptides that can minimise the appearance of moderate to deep lines around your eyes, mouth and forehead in just four weeks.

In a four week in vitro study, the ageLOC Future Serum has been shown to stimulate youthful cell renewal by 85%. A second study showed that it stimulated collagen production by 150% and reduced an enzyme - Matrix Metallopotidase - that destroys skin structure

A facial with the Nu Skin age LOC Galvanic Spa System will make you look and feel your best at any age.

NU Skin Galvanic Facial FAQ

The conductors are made of chrome and copper. The materials for the conductor are ABS with electroplated chrome. (ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene).

Edition Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System treatments use the basic principles that like charges repel each other and opposite charges attract, similar to magnetic poles. Products are formulated to contain key ingredients, which carry a positive or negative charge. The instrument is also set to have the same charge as the product. The repelling of like charges “pushes” the product into the skin facilitating the delivery of key ingredients.

A treatment with Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System™ Facial Gels with ageLOC® is recommended to be done up to three times a week. It is important to use the entire content of each vial for each galvanic treatment session.

Dermatic Effects contains ingredients that help stimulate the breakdown of fat and keep your body from producing fat. We recommend using this product after doing a Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System™ II Body Shaping Gel treatment and on a daily basis to maintain and enhance the benefits of your treatment.

During a galvanic treatment, most people will not feel anything. The specially formulated gels help conduct the galvanic current and ensure that it goes into the skin without any discomfort.

You should apply enough pressure to maintain constant contact with the skin but never tug at the skin to ensure feeling comfortable during the treatment.

Nu Skin® has not studied the effects of the ageLOC® Edition Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System™ II with Botox injections, collagen injections, silicon injections, etc

These are all medical procedures and therefore fall outside of the cosmetic realm in which we conduct our business. We have contacted facilities that perform these types of treatments and galvanic treatments. Their policy was not to provide galvanic treatments on individuals who had previously received injections for up to two weeks, to ensure there was no perceived contraindication between the two.

Anytime someone is undergoing chemotherapy they should follow their doctor’s advice regarding which products to use. Chemotherapy varies from person to person as does their reaction to the drugs. Only a doctor can determine what their skin needs are based on the chemotherapy they receive and how their skin reacts. 36.

Individuals with skin conditions, as with all individuals with any medical condition, should consult their physician or dermatologist before using the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System.

Brief Overview Of Your Treatment


Between 10 – 25 mins.


None you are good to go immediately post treatment.


As part of a healthy lifestyle it is down to your skin type. However we recommend 8 – 10 treatments fort the ultimately best results.


Years off the appearance of your face.


1 Facial NU Skin Galvanic Facial treatment £30

Buy 5 get 1 FREE Facial NU Skin Galvanic Facial treatments £150

Buy 8 get 2 FREE Facial NU Skin Galvanic Facial treatments£240.00