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The London Body Centre are specialists in skin care offering a wide range of treatments, procedures and professional products for various body and skin conditions including Laser Hair removal, Acne Scar Removal, Unwanted Tattoo laser removal to premature signs of ageing.

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What London Body Clinic Offers

Clinical Treatments

London Body Centre is a licensed special treatment premise. We offer a range of advanced treatments and procedures for body and skin conditions from laser hair removal, unwanted laser tattoo removal, pigment removal, wrinkle removal, face lift up, and body rejuvenation. We also offer more traditional beauty treatments for eyes, hands, face and feet.

Initial Consultations

Some of our treatments require an initial consultation with a specialist or consultant, during which they will answer your questions whilst gathering some medical history details and ascertaining your appropriateness for treatment. Being a suitable candidate, the specialist will then notify you of the likely number of treatments and costs to accomplish optimum outcome. With some of the treatments you may be asked to sign a consent form and to undergo a test patch.

Professional Products

London Body Centre is devoted to investing in the most pioneering technologies and advanced medical grade machines to guarantee we stay at the fore-front of the skin care, laser and beauty industry. Our forward-thinking range includes a arrange of machines that enable us to give you the best service.

Welcome Environment

London Body Centre welcomes all our customers into a comforting and calmingatmosphere where you can rest guaranteed you are in safe hands to receive the highest standards of skin care and body treatments. Our mission is to guarantee your comfort and peace of mind throughout the whole treatment process. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to book a consultation, please contact us.

Our Range of Treatments

The team at London Body Centre specialise in aesthetic treatments employing a range of advanced technologies.

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